Sheng Puer loose (Sheng Puer), 2010 |

Sheng Puer loose (Sheng Puer), 2010


The term Sheng Puer designated jerky, but not affected by fermentation of tea leaves harvested on plantations in Yunnan Province. The raw material for shen Puer tea leaves serve adult trees. Unlike other teas, where the most sought after young shoots are used in the production of Puer mature leaves from older trees. The minimum production time Puer - one year. During the year, the tea leaves undergo a complex fermentation process, which eventually gives a recognizable taste of Puer. Erh can be stored for years, while improving its taste and useful properties. Sheng Puer 2010 refers to a young pu-erh and is characterized by sharp notes in taste and rich aroma of dried fruits.


Цена: 130 руб/1шт.